Donna Carey has a lot of nerve winning Levey's contest about overweight men. Not only is she slim, and female, but she is one of those smarties who understands computers. The guy typing this will never be any of those three.

Donna is a 20-year-old from Fort Washington who will soon be a junior at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County. She majors in computer science, and so far has yanked down more A's than anything else.

She is spending the summer booking plane tickets for the House of Representatives. One lunch hour, she happened to notice our July neologism contest. The winning entry "just came to me," Donna reports.

The challenge that inspired Donna (and more than 3,000 other entrants) was:

When a fat man sits down, his belly pushes against the lower part of his shirt. The result: a little gap develops between the two lowest buttons, providing the world with a wonderful view of the man's midriff bulge (and occasionally, of his belly button, too). This peephole between the buttons is called a . . . .

Donna's winning answer: Torshow.

Yes, indeed, his torso sure does show. I declared the entry a perfecto. And Donna declared her victory pasta primavera at Anton's on Capitol Hill close to perfect, too. For a deserving winner, our cheers.

More of same to this month's runners-up:

Laperture: Sandra Hull of Alexandria.

Bellyacre: Jean Stewart of Northwest Washington.

Visibellity: Jacqueline Canteau of Arlington and Jan Provost of Rockville.

Gluttonhole: Paul Bergeron II of Alexandria first, dozens later.

Navel Observatory: Jeffrey S. Heimerman of Northeast Washington, then 75 others.

Chubbyhole: Charles Bouma of Columbia and Barry Talsky of Bowie.

Belly Glancer: Saul Rosen of Bethesda.

Girthmark: Posy Jim of Latrobe, Pa., then nine copycats.

Gaperture: M. J. Meyer of Falls Church.

Breadthalyzer: Mary Oleson of Chevy Chase.

Flabbergasket: Trudie Cushing of Bethesda.

Spreadability Gap: Robert Marik of Arlington, Marcia Creswell of Wheaton and Ellen Gold of Rockville.

Chubby Checker: Jeff Lisanick of Fairfax, then 15 more.

Peeping Tum: Salvatrice Murphy of Silver Spring was the first of 22.

Pigture: Jean Cottrill of Bladensburg.

Edibility Gap: David M. Smith of Alexandria, Don Krajewski of Fairfax and Doug Burke of Takoma Park.

Stomach Flue: Robert Marik again.

Porkhole: Mort Oakes of Monkton, Md., Jerry Smith of Glen Burnie and Keith A. Parrish of Baltimore.

Window of Vulnerabellyty: Dave Cardwell of Reston.

Beering Strait: Lester Wall of Columbia.

Flabscan: Mindy Portnoy of Kensington.

Peek-gut-boo: Lynne Barden of Fort Washington.

See Section: M. J. Lowe of Northwest Washington and the team of Maryanne and Brad Fewell.

Exflabhition: Maggie Costella of Greenbelt.

Tunnel of Blub: Carol Syvrud of Fort Washington.

Showbloat: Paul F. Gibson of Manassas and Jean Cottrill again.

Beer Belly Pokeout (and similar forms): Anne Underwood of Arlington, Marian Ulman of Burtonsville, Bobbie Liegus of Alexandria and Valerie Newman Mahaffey of Monrovia, Md.

Aviewdupois: Lloyd W. Richards of Camp Springs, J. J. Gertler of Arlington and Nan Terpak of Fairfax.

Swell-Aware Gap: Todd Davis of Fairfax.

Gapparition: Patricia Martin of Rockville.

The Gapitol Rotunda: Judy Cullen of Reston.

Tonnel Vision: Doug Oxford of Hyattsville.

Seescape: Eileen H. Dunnell of Frederick.

Obserfatory: Former champ Bill Beckett of Bethesda.

Shirttale: Stuart Rochester of Burtonsville.

Shirt Shrift: Frank Miller.

See Span: Steve Sherman of Chevy Chase.

Flabyss: Former champ Judy Stainer of Columbia.

And Lipidysplit: Alice Ann Halverson of Annandale.

Nicely! On we fly to the August challenge, suggested by former champ G. Michael Howard of Storrs, Conn.:

What do you call the beaming family group that poses for pictures around the happy graduate?

First prize is as standard as the graduation photo: a free lunch at a restaurant of the winner's choice in the Washington metropolitan area. Levey will pick up the check, as always. Group photos are optional.

Rules: You may enter as often as you like, on one piece of paper or many. Each piece of paper must bear a daytime and an evening phone number. All entries become my property. Entries will not be accepted by phone or returned. In case of duplicate entries, the one postmarked earliest wins.

Please mail entries to Bob Levey, The Washington Post, Washington, D.C., 20071. Entries for the August contest must be received by Aug. 31.