Insider Transactions is a weekly report of stock transactions involving officers and directors of publicly owned local companies.

Stock trading by corporate insiders often is a bellwether of corporate health. Most insiders buy stock or exercise options to make a profit. And insiders may be selling stock for tax reasons, estate planning or cash needs.

The following insider transactions involving local companies were compiled by States News Service from reports to the Securities and Exchange Commission. AMERICAN FILTRONA CORP.

Bennett L. Kight, a director and beneficial owner of American Filtrona Corp. of Richmond, acquired 1,043,606 common shares for an unreported price Aug. 20. Kight now controls 1,589,705 shares indirectly.CEL-SCI CORP.

Maximilian Declara, an officer and director of Alexandria-based Cel-Sci Corp., sold 341,150 common shares June 19 through Aug. 31 at $1.14 to $2.34 each and now holds 1,258,914 shares indirectly.CHEMDESIGN CORP.

Richard C. Waugh, an officer of Bethesda-based Chemdesign Corp., disposed of 7,700 common shares through exchanges and acquired the same number of shares through exchanges for an undisclosed amount Aug. 27. He presently holds 3,500 shares directly and 7,700 shares indirectly.CHESAPEAKE CORP.

Frederick V. Ernst, a vice president of Chesapeake Corp. of Richmond, gave a 1,300 common share gift Aug. 27. He owns 22,377 shares directly and 700 shares indirectly.COMPUTER DATA SYSTEMS INC.

Clifford M. Kendall, chairman of the board of Computer Data Systems Inc. of Rockville, purchased 5,000 common shares at $8.75 each Aug. 16. He currently owns 195,784 shares directly and 28,252 shares indirectly.DOMINION BANKSHARES CORP.

George L. Yowell, an affiliate of Dominion Bankshares Corp. of Roanoke, exercised options to purchase 2,500 common shares Aug. 1 at $9.50 each. Yowell currently holds 15,891 shares directly and 4,670 shares indirectly.ETHYL CORP.

Floyd D. Gottwald Jr., chairman of Ethyl Corp. of Richmond, gave a 3,520-share gift Aug. 28. Gottwald controls 5,729,203 shares directly and 4,874,601 shares indirectly.F&E RESOURCE SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY INC.

Ronald W. Pickett, chairman of F&E Resource Systems Technology Inc. of Laurel, privately purchased 200,000 common shares at 1 cent per share and privately sold 100,000 common shares for the same price Aug. 20. Pickett presently controls 1.6 million shares directly.NORFOLK SOUTHERN CORP.

Gerald C. Durand, an officer of Norfolk-based Norfolk Southern Corp., exercised rights to purchase 3,553 common shares Aug. 2 for an undisclosed amount. He currently owns 10,127 shares directly and 1,558 shares indirectly.

Officer Magda A. Ratajski on Aug. 2 exercised options to purchase 1,539 common shares and exercised options to sell 1,042 common shares, also at undisclosed amounts. Ratajski holds 6,930 shares directly and 1,982 indirectly.PIEDMONT FEDERAL CORP.

Charles L. Compton, a director of Manassas-based Piedmont Federal Corp., purchased 10,000 common shares at $5.25 each July 27. Compton holds 58,536 shares directly and 138 shares indirectly.RAC MORTGAGE INVESTMENT CORP.

John S. Davenport, a vice president of RAC Mortgage Investment Corp. of Columbia, Md., purchased 10,000 common shares at $4.38 to $4.50 each Aug. 2 through Aug. 16. He now owns 21,800 shares directly.RICHFOOD HOLDINGS INC.

James C. Wheat Jr., a director of Richmond-based Richfood Holdings Inc., purchased 13,000 class A common shares at $6.88 to $7.50 each Aug. 15 through Aug. 24, bringing his indirect class A holding to 17,000 shares.ROUSE CO.

Anthony W. Deering, a vice president of Rouse Co. of Columbia, Md., purchased 3,000 common shares at $17.50 each Sept. 15. Deering owns 154,483 shares directly and 116,279 shares indirectly.UNIVERSAL CORP.

Henry H. Harrell, president of Universal Corp. of Richmond, acquired 1,188 common shares through a plan Aug. 1 at an unreported price. Harrell owns 2,494 shares directly and 16,502 shares indirectly.WORLDWIDE VALUE FUND INC.

Director Walter A. Eberstadt of Baltimore-based Worldwide Value Fund Inc. purchased 5,600 common shares Aug. 22 through Aug. 23 at $15.33 to $15.73 each. He holds 10,291 shares directly and 120,654 shares indirectly.