Burger King laid off 300 corporate employees and closed seven regional offices in a restructuring.

Caterpillar will sell 212 earth-moving machines to Romania for use in coal mining. An analyst said the deal could be worth $50 million.

Deere & Co. is considering indefinite layoffs. Officials declined to say how many workers might be furloughed.

Douglas Aircraft will lay off 1,200 workers at its Long Beach and Torrance, Calif., facilities this year and plans to cut 1,500 in 1991.

United Airlines was awarded route authority from Washington Dulles International Airport to Madrid.

Northwest Airlines said it will implement a third major fare increase in as many months, reduce flights and lay off an unspecified number of employees to offset fuel price increases.

Edward J. DeBartolo Corp., one of Campeau Corp.'s largest creditors, will not extend an agreement that prevented it from seizing Campeau's assets without notice, allowing it to call in $480 million in loans.


Varig, the Brazilian airline, placed orders for as many as 26 Boeing jetliners in a deal valued at up to $2.6 billion.


The Fed's director of banking supervision urged Congress to close a loophole in the criminal code that permits employees of branches and agencies of foreign banks to escape federal prosecution for theft, fraud and other financial crimes.


Avemco said its profits rose 24 percent in the third quarter.

Citicorp said its profits fell 38 percent in the third quarter.

Eli Lilly and Co. reported that third-quarter net income increased 21 percent.

F&M Bancorp said its profit rose almost 2 percent in the third quarter.

GE said profit was up 9 percent in the third quarter.

Media General said its profits rose 87 percent in the third quarter.

Merck said its third-quarter earnings increased 19 percent.

Reynolds Metals of Richmond reported an 18 percent drop in third-quarter earnings.

US Sprint reported a $54 million third-quarter profit, reversing a $42 million loss the quarter before.


AT&T won a $157 million contract to build a high-capacity fiber optic communications cable that will link Hawaii and the U.S. mainland in 1993.


Three former Sundstrand executives were acquitted by a federal judge of wrongdoing in a scheme by the aerospace contractor to defraud the Pentagon.


Ralph E. Reins will resign as chairman, president and chief executive of Mack Trucks, and become president of the automotive group at United Technologies. He will be replaced by an executive from Renault, which bought Mack this month.


Federal officials are investigating allegations that the Student Loan Marketing Association office in Lawrence, Kan., bought worthless loans to inflate assets and boost Sallie Mae's stock price, the FBI said. Sallie Mae called the charges "totally without merit."