The expansion of business news offerings on local airwaves continues. Beginning today, WPGC-AM (1580), the all-business-news radio station in Greenbelt, will begin providing a weekly business segment to the local news program on the Metrovision and Multivision cable-television systems in Prince George's County.

The three- to five-minute segments, which will run Monday evenings and Tuesday mornings, will feature WPGC-AM's on-air personalities, who will analyze local business stories and trends. "We'll take major stories of the past week and discuss them, analyze them, put them into some perspective," said Donna Francavilla, news and program director at the radio station. "We feel that we can make business news palatable in more than one medium."

The business-news segment, which will be taped at the radio station, is part of low-rated WPGC-AM's efforts to attract attention to its unusual business-news format. The station also is resorting to the tried-and-true radio promotion trick, the contest -- but with a twist. WPGC-AM just wrapped up its annual "Guess the Dow Jones close" contest, keyed to the Oct. 19 anniversary of the 1987 stock market crash, and next week it embarks on a more topical contest -- asking listeners to guess the closing price of crude oil on a given date. Good luck.END NOTES