Gas prices dipped last week, falling 0.3 cents to $1.377 for the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded, the American Automobile Association said. The decline was the first since Sept. 18.

Wall Street's leading commodity markets promised to stay in the financial center after threatening to leave for a cheaper, bigger home in New Jersey. New York City and state officials gave the four exchanges, which employ 12,000 people, a package of tax breaks and other incentives to build in New York.

Zenith Electronics received a $1 million grant from the state of Illinois to develop new manufacturing processes for high-definition television monitors. The grant will supplement the $50 million Zenith has already committed to HDTV.

BellSouth will offer early retirement on Dec. 1 to as many as 3,000 managers in an effort to streamline its operations. There will be a one-time charge to earnings in the fourth quarter, the size of which will depend on the number of employees who take the option.

A federal judge in Atlanta will hear a lawsuit alleging airline collusion and price-fixing. Defendants are USAir, Northwest, Delta, Continental, United, TWA and American airlines, as well as the Washington- based computer clearinghouse that links them, Airline Tariff Publishing. They deny any wrongdoing.