MCI was sued by nine investors who allege it issued misleading statements about prospects for growth. MCI, which last week announced a restructuring and said revenue this quarter could be flat, declined to comment.

Maryland's Public Service Commission ordered C&P Telephone to allow people to block their telephone numbers from being displayed on Caller ID screens.

Boeing, a contractor on the space station, scrapped plans to expand its work force on the project. Boeing has a 10-year, $1.6 billion contract to build several elements of the space platform.

The Federal Reserve is weighing rules that would require financial institutions to hire certified appraisers to review real-estate related transactions worth more than $50,000. The current figure is $100,000.

Citicorp said its write-offs may continue at "high levels" until property values stabilize. In its quarterly filing with the SEC, Citicorp said its losses related to domestic real estate were $61 million for the third quarter and $159 million for the first nine months.

Nationwide Life Insurance was ordered by a San Diego jury to pay $14.3 million to 1,800 servicemen and veterans in a class-action lawsuit over reduced or terminated benefits for those over age 60.