Go-Video, a small Arizona company that produces dual-deck videocassette recorders, filed an antitrust lawsuit against Matsushita in an attempt to block its pending $6.6 billion buyout of MCA. Go-Video contends the pending deal is part of a conspiracy among Japanese companies to monopolize the world market for electronics hardware -- VCRs, TVs and audio gear.

Crude oil futures trading would be temporarily suspended in response to large price swings under a plan approved by the New York Mercantile Exchange. Federal regulators must approve the plan, which would also limit the amount oil could rise or fall each day to $15 per barrel and the amount gasoline or home heating oil could rise or fall to 40 cents a gallon each day.

Chemical Bank will head up a bank group to finance AT&T's hostile bid for computer maker NCR. AT&T, meanwhile, filed federal suits in Ohio and Maryland seeking technical changes that would strengthen its hand in the $6.1 billion offer.

The Samsung Group, a South Korean conglomerate, has made inquiries about Orion Pictures, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Maryland has a higher percentage of black-owned businesses than any state in the nation, according to a state study. State officials said 8.9 percent of Maryland businesses are black owned, compared with a national average of 3.1 percent.

Dennis H. Barron resigned as chairman of the financially troubled Child World Inc.