Insider Transactions is a weekly report of stock transactions involving officers and directors of publicly owned local companies.

Stock trading by corporate insiders often is a bellwether of corporate health. Most insiders buy stock or exercise options to make a profit. And insiders may be selling stock for tax reasons, estate planning or cash needs.

The following insider transactions involving companies in the Washington, Baltimore and Richmond areas were compiled by States News Service from reports to the Securities and Exchange Commission. AMERICAN MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS INC.

Patrick W. Gross, an officer of Arlington-based American Management Systems Inc., exercised options to buy 8,128 common shares Sept. 24 at an undisclosed price. Gross holds 139,466 shares directly and 51,000 shares indirectly.BANK MARYLAND CORP.

Hildebert F. Criste, chairman of Bank Maryland Corp. of Towson, bought 41,000 common shares Nov. 30 at $3.25 to $5 each, and privately bought 17,389 shares at $4 each the same day. Criste controls 152,441 shares directly and 26,030 shares indirectly.

Paul K. Dell, a director, bought 5,700 common shares Oct. 31 at $4 each, bringing his direct holding to 10,144 shares.BTR REALTY INC.

Northern Pacific Corp., Eddie Trump and Julius Trump, beneficial owners of BTR Realty Inc. of Linthicum, Md., each disposed of 100,000 common shares through exchanges for unreported amounts Nov. 1. Northern Pacific owns 632,451 shares directly and 943,159 shares indirectly, while Eddie and Julius Trump each own 943,159 shares indirectly.CHEMDESIGN CORP.

George V. Austin II, an officer of Bethesda-based Chemdesign Corp., sold 12,000 common shares Nov. 9 at $6.25 each, dropping his direct holding to 23,912 shares.

Edward G. Najjar, a director, bought 1,000 common shares Nov. 15 at $6.50 each and now owns 10,169 shares directly and 6,065 shares indirectly.CRESTAR FINANCIAL CORP.

Lee D. Walker, a director of Richmond-based Crestar Financial Corp., bought 11,000 common shares Oct. 24 at $13.38 each. Walker holds 21,010 shares directly and 3,412 shares indirectly.


Floyd D. Gottwald Jr., chairman of Ethyl Corp. of Richmond, acquired 1,392 common shares through a plan at an undisclosed price Nov. 30. Gottwald controls 5,738,691 shares directly and 4,876,765 shares indirectly.GREATER WASHINGTON INVESTORS INC.

Johnston Industries Inc., a beneficial owner of Greater Washington Investors Inc. of Chevy Chase, bought 59,000 common shares Nov. 2 through Nov. 29 at $2 to $3 each. Johnston currently controls 1,510,406 shares directly and 1,164,237 shares indirectly.HILB, ROGAL & HAMILTON CO.

Director Robert S. Ukrop of Hilb, Rogal & Hamilton Co. of Glen Allen, Va., purchased 1,000 common shares Oct. 30 at $12 each. Ukrop owns 10,750 shares directly and 5,448 shares indirectly.

John C. Adams Jr., an officer and director, exercised options to buy 2,750 common shares at $6 each Nov. 15, to bring his direct holding to 71,500 shares.IGENE BIOTECHNOLOGY INC.

Dow Chemical Co., a beneficial owner of Igene Biotechnology Inc. of Columbia, Md., acquired 26,667 common shares at $2.25 each Nov. 20. Dow now holds 53,334 shares directly.IMMUCOR INC.

Ralph A. Eatz, an officer and director of Immucor Inc. of Richmond, sold 10,000 common shares at $12.38 each Nov. 20. Eatz owns 107,733 shares directly and 77 shares indirectly.INVESTORS FINANCIAL CORP.

Director W. Wardlaw Thompson Jr. of Investors Financial Corp. of Richmond bought 11,000 common shares at 63 cents each Nov. 5. Thompson now owns 22,800 shares directly and 4,440 shares indirectly.

David F. Cooke, a director, acquired 1,046 common shares through a plan Oct. 31 at 81 cents per share bringing his direct holding to 36,963 shares.

Chairman Robert G. Butcher Jr. sold 51,890 common shares at 70 cents to 88 cents each Nov. 16 through Nov. 23 and now owns 118,846 shares directly and 175 shares indirectly.JEFFERSON BANKSHARES INC.

John T. Casteen III, a director of Jefferson Bankshares Inc. of Charlottesville, privately purchased 1,000 common shares at $14.75 each Nov. 21 and now holds 1,000 shares directly.LEGG MASON INC.

John F. Curley Jr., a director of Baltimore-based Legg Mason Inc., gave a gift of 3,000 common shares on Nov. 19 and exercised options to purchase 7,000 common shares at $2.31 each Nov. 21. Curley owns 90,363 shares directly.

Philip O. Rogers, an officer and director, sold 4,351 shares at $12.38 each Nov. 14, and now holds 141,633 shares directly and 11,250 shares indirectly.MARKEL CORP.

Darrell D. Martin, an officer of Markel Corp. of Glen Allen, Va., bought 5,000 common shares at $11.38 to $11.63 each Nov. 9 through Nov. 13, to bring his direct holding to 8,800 shares. MARRIOTT CORP.

Chairman J. Willard Marriott Jr. of Bethesda-based Marriott Corp. gave a gift of 10,000 common shares on Nov. 28. He controls 4,928,782 shares directly and 3,759,080 shares indirectly. MCI COMMUNICATIONS CORP.

Bert C. Roberts Jr., a shareholder of MCI Communications Corp. of Washington, exercised options to buy 3,576 common shares at $7.63 each Nov. 19, to bring his direct holding to 157,930 shares.

Director V. Orville Wright sold 154,367 common shares Nov. 21 at $19.50 to $19.63 each and now owns 164,862 shares directly and 45,000 shares indirectly. MCCORMICK & CO.

Several executives of McCormick & Co. of Hunt Valley, Md., have had transactions in the company's class V common stock:

John W. Felton, an officer, exercised options to buy 7,856 shares at $4.83 each Nov. 26 and now owns 12,856 shares directly.

James J. Harrison Jr., an officer and director, sold 5,000 shares at $22.75 each Nov. 20. Harrison holds 17,832 shares directly and 1,026 shares indirectly.

Donald A. Palumbo, a vice president, exercised options to buy 1,000 shares at $8.81 to $11 each Nov. 16, bringing his direct holding to 7,730 shares.

Director Harry K. Wells exercised options to buy 46,997 shares at $4.83 to $11 each Nov. 26. He holds 191,701 shares directly and 131,410 shares indirectly.PHARMAKINETICS LABORATORIES INC.

Director John N. Anderson of Pharmakinetics Laboratories Inc. of Baltimore bought 15,000 common shares Oct. 16 through Oct. 17 at 44 cents to 55 cents each. He holds 85,000 shares directly and 10,000 shares indirectly.RICHFOOD HOLDINGS INC.

Daniel R. Schnur, an officer of Richfood Holdings Inc. of Richmond, bought 2,000 class A common shares at $8.50 each Nov. 8, and currently owns 2,000 class A shares directly.ROUSE CO.

Bruce D. Alexander, a vice president of Rouse Co. of Columbia, bought 2,500 common shares Nov. 26 at an undisclosed price and gave a 2,115 common-share gift, to bring his direct holding to 209,585 shares.SCOTT & STRINGFELLOW FINANCIAL INC.

Charles L. Gold, an officer and director of Scott & Stringfellow Financial Inc. of Richmond, gave a 2,000 common share gift Nov. 12 dropping his direct holding to 46,555 shares.SIGNET BANKING CORP.

S. A. Deya, a beneficial owner of Signet Banking Corp. of Richmond, disposed of 1,122,260 common shares through exchanges at $10.13 each and acquired an equal number of common shares, also through exchanges at $10.13 each, 24. Deya controls 4,175,819 shares directly and 400 shares indirectly.

Delgado J. March, a director and beneficial owner, had similar transactions and currently holds 400 shares directly and 4,175,819 shares indirectly. TULTEX CORP.

John M. Franck, president of Tultex Corp. of Martinsville, Va., bought 6,000 common shares Nov. 9 at $7 each. Franck presently owns 737,395 shares directly and 67,853 shares indirectly. UNC INC.

Robert D. Boyne, a divisional officer of UNC Inc. of Annapolis, bought 12,500 common shares at $3.61 each Nov. 6, bringing his direct holding to 17,500 shares.

Paul X. McLain, an officer, bought 2,500 shares Nov. 28 at $3.61 each . He owns 9,234 shares directly.

John S. Hoover, a shareholder, sold 14,300 common shares Nov. 21 through Nov. 23 at $3.13 each. He no longer holds any common shares.UNITED DOMINION REALTY TRUST INC.

Sam Kornblauk, a director of Richmond-based United Dominion Realty Trust Inc., gave a 2,882 common-share gift Nov. 15. He owns 655,288 shares directly and 200,000 shares indirectly.UNIVERSAL SECURITY INSTRUMENTS INC.

Stephen Knepper, an officer and director of Universal Security Instruments Inc. of Owings Mills, bought 21,000 common shares at $1.22 to $1.28 each Nov. 5 through Nov. 6. Knepper owns 140,173 shares directly and 96,723 shares indirectly.

Amedee W. Dean, an officer, bought 3,400 common shares at $1.75 each Nov. 30, bringing his direct holding to 36,570 shares.USAIR GROUP INC.

Director Richard Simmons of USAir Group Inc. of Arlington, bought 2,000 common shares at $13 each Nov. 9 to bring his direct holding to 3,000 shares.

Frank L. Salizzoni, an officer, acquired 15,000 common shares through a plan at an undisclosed price Nov. 13, and now owns 15,000 shares directly.VIVRA INC.

Frances S. O'Shaughnessy, an officer of Arlington-based Vivra Inc., exercised options to purchase 4,260 common shares at $12.54 each Nov. 5, to bring his direct holding to 7,467 shares.