FREMONT, CALIF. -- Seagate Technology Inc. says business is so good that it doesn't want to shut down its Fremont disk drive manufacturing plant for something as trivial as Christmas -- or New Year's Day, either. So officials distributed a memo ordering the plant's 1,300 employees to work both days.

"We have orders to fill, and it is a seven-day operation, so we will be working," said Julie Still, a spokeswoman at Seagate headquarters in Scotts Valley, Calif. "The wheels don't necessarily stop because of Christmas. Fortunately, we're very busy, and we need to produce disk drives."

But Seagate's competitors in the cut-throat disk drive industry think that plan is all Scrooged up.

"Our business is real good, too, but we'll be closed on Christmas and New Year's Day," said Catherine Hartsog, a spokeswoman for Quantum Corp. in Milpitas, Calif. Most high-tech firms are shutting down on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

Seagate isn't completely heartless, though. Employees who have to work Christmas will earn extra holiday pay. And those who don't want to work Christmas or New Year's can ask for permission to use vacation time, though there's no guarantee their requests will be approved.