Insider Transactions is a weekly report of stock transactions involving officers and directors of publicly owned local companies.

Stock trading by corporate insiders often is a bellwether of corporate health. Most insiders buy stock or exercise options to make a profit. And insiders may be selling stock for tax reasons, estate planning or cash needs.

The following insider transactions involving companies in the Washington, Baltimore and Richmond areas were compiled by States News Service from reports to the Securities and Exchange Commission.


Michael C. Barth, a divisional officer of American Capital Research Corp. of Fairfax, sold 15,000 class A common shares at $8.75 each Nov. 7. Barth owns 35,000 class A shares directly and 5,812 class A shares indirectly.

Michael K. Goldman, a vice president, sold 15,000 class A common shares at $8.63 to $10 each Nov. 8 through Nov. 23. He holds 15,000 class A shares directly and 3,748 class A shares indirectly.


Lori Zappala, a director of Bancshares 2000 Inc. of McLean, privately bought 6,250 common shares at $1.75 each Nov. 21. Zappala holds 3,125 shares directly and 26,875 shares indirectly.


William C. Battle, a director of Black & Decker Corp. of Towson, Md., bought 3,000 common shares at $9.38 each Nov. 5. He owns 9,800 shares directly.


Alfred H. Smith Jr., chairman of Citizens Bancorp of Laurel, Md., bought 3,225 common shares at $15.50 each Nov. 28. Smith controls 341,023 shares directly and 722,463 shares indirectly.


Several executives of Geico Corp. of Washington sold common shares:

Donald K. Smith, a vice president, sold 1,000 shares at $148 each Nov. 15. He owns 9,500 shares directly and 825 shares indirectly.

William B. Snyder, chairman, sold 2,000 shares at $163.13 each Nov. 29. He holds 50,354 shares directly and 2,000 shares indirectly.

Louis A. Simpson, a director, sold 1,900 shares Nov. 27 at $155.50 each. He now holds 23,647 shares directly and 2,190 shares indirectly.


William C. Draper, an officer of a subsidiary of Maryland Federal Bancorp Inc. of Hyattsville, Md., bought 1,000 common shares at $5.25 each Nov. 2. Draper holds 6,579 shares directly and 1,257 shares indirectly.


Wayne G. English, a director of MCI Communications Corp. of Washington, sold 7,000 common shares at $30.88 each Nov. 5. He hold 100 shares directly.


Several officers of Merry-Go-Round Enterprises Inc. of Joppa, Md., exercised options to buy common shares Nov. 23 at $4.20 each:

Robert L. Heyman bought 23,625 shares. He now owns 57,385 shares directly.

Isaac Kaufman bought 55,125 shares. He now holds 110,530 shares directly.

George E. Kucin bought 55,125 shares. He now holds 80,325 shares directly.

Paul D. Levine bought 55,125 shares. He controls 139,283 shares directly.

Stuart M. Lucas bought 55,125 shares. He now owns 181,403 shares directly.

Frank C. Peters bought 23,625 shares. He owns 40,425 shares directly.

Marvin S. Rice bought 23,625 shares. He now holds 57,383 shares directly.

Kenneth Rodriguez bought 55,125 shares. He owns 105,914 shares directly.

Wayne Schuchart bought 15,750 shares. He now owns 24,990 shares directly.

Barrie R. Wood bought 15,750 shares. Wood holds 25,083 shares directly and 1,000 shares indirectly.

Michael D. Sullivan, a director bought 55,125 shares. He holds 223,977 shares directly.


Several directors of Rockville-based Mid-Atlantic Medical Services Inc. sold common stock:

Stanley M. Dahlman sold 20,698 shares at $7.56 to $8 each Nov. 19 through Nov. 21. He no longer holds any common shares.

Peter L. Flaherty Jr. sold 5,000 shares at $8 each Nov. 19. He holds 272,628 shares directly.

John L. Ford sold 5,000 shares at an undisclosed price Nov. 30. He owns 309,904 shares directly and 65,100 shares indirectly.


A. Pickens Butler, president of Piedmont Federal Corp. of Manassas, sold 2,315 common shares at $3.38 each Nov. 21. Butler holds 8,257 shares directly and 2,815 shares indirectly.

Nicholas Carosi III, a director, bought 1,000 common shares at $2.63 each Nov. 30. He holds 90,260 shares directly and 22,151 shares indirectly.


Director William R. Thompson of Riggs National Corp. of Washington bought 3,000 common shares Nov. 1 at $9.13 each. He owns 8,080 shares directly. VERSAR INC.

Robert P. Ouellette, a vice president of Versar Inc. of Springfield, sold 2,000 common shares at $2.13 each Nov. 6. He owns 1,490 shares directly.