American Airlines said it will scrub nearly 250 flights, 11 percent of its schedule, by February to help cope with alleged problems with pilots.

America West Airlines said it plans to enter the fiercely competitive travel corridor between the San Francisco Bay Area and the Los Angeles region. The announcement comes on the heels of a decision by American Airlines to pull out of the Los Angeles-San Francisco route, the nation's sixth-busiest.

Mortgage rates fell this week. Rates on 30-year fixed mortgages fell to an average 9.56 percent from 9.68 percent while adjustable-rate notes slipped to 7.78 percent from 7.92 percent, the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. said.

Egg magazine, launched as the brainchild of publisher Malcolm Forbes just days before his death last February, has announced its own obituary. Egg's demise with its March issue marks the end of one of New York's last remaining avant-garde magazines focusing on night life.

United Airlines plans to expand its service to the Pacific in August, including new nonstop flights between Los Angeles and Auckland, New Zealand, and service between San Francisco and Shanghai and Beijing.

Big Three automakers said sales dropped 6.8 percent in 1990. U.S. car and truck sales totaled 14.1 million, the poorest showing since 12.3 million in 1983.

A cheap, durable battery, capable of powering the non-polluting electric cars of the future, is the goal of a research consortium of the Big Three automakers, utilities, battery makers and the U.S. government.

A defense contractor who admitted selling defective parts to the Pentagon was sentenced to three years and five months in prison and ordered to pay $1.55 million in restitution. Prosecutors asked for a harsher sentence than the 2 1/2 years agreed upon earlier in a plea bargain with Reginald Knaub because the parts may have ended up in equipment sent to U.S. forces in Saudi Arabia.

Brazil, the Third World's biggest debtor, said it had resumed paying interest on its medium- and long-term commercial debt after a lapse of 18 months.

Bell-Boeing Joint Program Office, a venture between Textron and Boeing, received an $82.3 million Navy contract to continue development of six prototype V-22 tilt-rotor aircraft.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas appointed former San Antonio mayor Henry Cisneros to its board of directors.

Vietnam Airlines skirted a U.S. embargo and leased a Boeing jet owned by Transavia, an affiliate of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.