Iverson Technology Corp. of McLean formed two subsidiaries to broaden its presence in the personal computer market. Iverson has long provided secure computers to the federal government and its contractors, but a drop in those contracts prompted the firm to enter the commercial retail market last year.

Iverson PC Factory Warehouse Inc. oversees the company's two retail stores in Vienna and Clearwater, Fla., which are factory-direct outlets that sell personal computers wholesale.

The firm's second subsidiary, Private Label PCs Inc., customizes personal computers for resellers and dealers on a wholesale basis.

Privatization International Inc. of Washington was awarded a contract to privatize certain assets of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y. The academy's assets include 16,000 acres of land, Michie football stadium and community services and utility systems.

After preparing an inventory of the institution's marketable assets, Privatization International will explore the financing and development of new facilities on the site. The company also will determine how to improve the revenue performance of existing facilities and services.

Radiation Systems Inc. of Sterling, Va., which designs and manufactures a broad range of antenna systems, was awarded a contract by Philips Consumer Electronics Co. of Knoxville to install the Whittle Education System for Channel One broadcasts in 2,200 schools nationwide by Sept. 1.

Radiation Systems was awarded the initial $43 million contract for 5,800 schools nationwide. The new agreement will add $17 million to $19 million to the value of the original contract.

Routing Technology Software Inc. of Vienna, which specializes in the development and application of computer -- based vehicle routing and scheduling systems, established business relationships with Noro-Moseley Partners of Atlanta, Noro-Chopin N.V. of the Netherlands and BeneVent Management N.V. of Belgium.

The three venture capital firms have made a multimillion dollar investment in Routing Technology Software to support its expansion into international markets, according to a company statement.

Chesapeake Bus and Equipment Co. of Gaithersburg was awarded contracts by the Washington Flyer airport transportation service, American University and the Delaware Administration for Specialized Transportation. The contracts total $3 million.

NBS America Inc., a subsidiary of Toronto-based Consolidated NBS Inc., moved its headquarters from Dallas to Sterling, Va. The firm manufactures and distributes credit and debit authorization terminals.

New Venture Development Corp., a consulting firm providing international and federal marketing services, moved its headquarters from Indiana to Washington. The firm also was awarded a $500,000 contract from Trans Canada Distributors to sell ketchup in Canada. The company has agents in the Soviet Union, Germany, Argentina and Brazil.

MTRW/Production Group International was formed in Washington. The firm specializes in multi-image, video and written communications.

Assam, Jordan & Geer Inc., a marketing firm, opened in Baltimore.

Communal Computing Inc. of Rockville published the first issue of Church Computing News, an information and management newsletter serving the church community.

Tongue Brooks & Co. Inc. of Baltimore, an insurance brokerage and employee benefits firm, formed a risk-management services division.

Woelfel Research Inc., a market research firm, opened in Vienna.

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