MNC Financial, parent of American Security Bank and Maryland National Bank, declined to comment yesterday on whether it had paid back $375 million owed to a group of bank creditors headed by J.P. Morgan & Co. MNC had until midnight yesterday to repay the money or receive an extension on the loan. The bank faces another deadline today for repaying $271 million in long-term notes.

Chrysler Corp. named Robert A. Lutz president. The move could be a sign that Lutz, who is now president of Chrysler Motors, is being groomed to succeed Chrysler Chairman Lee Iacocca.

U.S. trade officials were pessimistic about the chances of resurrecting global free-trade talks and cast doubt that a meeting in Geneva today would be able to get the negotiations going again. U.S. Trade Representative Carla Hills gave the talks less than a 30 percent chance of success, and Agriculture Secretary Clayton Yeutter called for movement on farm trade and services in the next month. END NOTESNCR stockholders face a deadline of midnight tonight to sell their shares to AT&T under its $6.1 billion hostile takeover bid, but the phone company was expected to extend the offer. Meanwhile, a House subcommittee asked the FCC to investigate the public policy implications of AT&T's bid.

New England has too many banks, according to Richard F. Syron, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, who predicted that banks will merge and buy one another as a deep recession turns into a slow recovery.