Alliant Techsystems, which makes ammunition likely to be used in a Persian Gulf ground war, resumed production after a 1,300-member Teamsters local in Minneapolis voted to accept a new contract.

Japan's capital investment growth is expected to slow dramatically in fiscal 1991 due to the gulf war and ailing U.S. economy, according to a survey by the newspaper Nihon Keizai Shibum.

Air France cut its employees' pay 6 percent because of a plunge in passenger traffic caused by the war.

Bankers applauded an EPA plan that would shield them from lawsuits arising from pollution caused by their borrowers or toxic waste problems on foreclosed properties.

AT&T extended its $6.12 billion hostile takeover offer for NCR until April 30. It is the second time AT&T has extended its offer, which was to expire last Friday.

Harley-Davidson workers in York, Pa., accepted a three-year contract guaranteeing them a 14 percent raise over the life of the agreement.

Barclays Bank intends to reduce its work force, perhaps by 15 percent to 20 percent over the next five years. London-based Barclays hopes cuts of 13,000 or more jobs will be achieved through attrition.

Major Canadian banks cut their prime lending rates by a half percentage point to 11.25 percent, the third cut this year in response to the central Bank of Canada's efforts to lower rates and lessen the recession.

Primerica named management consulting executive and former Heisman Trophy winner Peter M. Dawkins to head its new Primerica Financial Services subsidiary.

Wendy's said earnings rose 35 percent in the fourth quarter and 29 percent in 1990.