MVM Inc., a McLean company founded by former U.S. Secret Service agents, won an $850,000 contract to train the security force that will guard Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

A company official said 21 MVM employees, mostly former agents and Army Special Forces trained people, will be working with State Department diplomatic security agents. The State Department has started training the 53 Haitians selected to guard Aristide.

The 90-day contract could be extended up to seven months at a cost of $1.95 million, said Karen Marquez, MVM's senior vice president.

Haitians will provide the core security and MVM staff will travel with them, Marquez said. "We will be there to advise them until they are fully trained," she said. If it is necessary for MVM employees to back up the Haitian agents, they will intervene, Marquez said.

Karen Marquez's husband, former Secret Service agent Dario O. Marquez Jr., started the company in 1979 with two other agents -- one of them Charles Vance, who married Susan Ford, the daughter of former president Gerald R. Ford. Dario Marquez bought out the two other founders, Karen Marquez said.

The company employs 1,000 people and had revenue of $37 million last year.

MVM has guarded more than two dozen embassies, Marquez said. She said the company was hired in 1987 to provide security at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow after Marine Clayton Lonetree, an embassy guard, was convicted of spying.