Uniting Vendor and Bidder

That venerable document of Washington contracting -- the "request for proposals" -- has gone online at a commercial site.

It's Telezoo.com of Washington, an e-commerce site for telecom equipment and services that began service earlier this year. Corporate, association or government representatives can fill out an RFP on the Telezoo site to seek bids on projects such as installing a major new computer network or five T1 communications lines.

Telezoo's computer system then sends the request by e-mail to vendors, who can contact the agency seeking the work. In the first four weeks that the RFPs have been up, the site has received 30 from six different countries, the company said.

Invitation Station

Planning a party or wedding involves lots of details, such as choosing the right stamps for invitations, giving people directions and keeping an ongoing list of who's coming and who's not. Using technology to bypass those pesky tasks, Ideas to Reality Inc. of Alexandria has launched a new World Wide Web service at www.pleaseRSVP.com, which sends out electronic invitations and manages the responses.

When guests respond to the invitation online, they receive an e-mail confirmation of their decision. Those planning the party can include maps and a personalized message.

No word yet if the service intervenes between feuding relatives.