Position: Chief technology officer for Network Solutions Inc. (NSI) of Herndon.

Career highlights: Most recently, Holtzman was senior vice president of engineering at Network Solutions. Before that, he was chief scientist at the Internet Information Technology group at IBM.

Age: 42

Education: Earned a bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of Maryland, and a bachelor's degree in philosophy from the University of Pittsburgh.

Personal: Holtzman, a single parent of five teenagers, lives in Herndon.

Favorite Web site: thebrain.com

Next month, several more companies will begin issuing domain names -- a practice nearly monopolized by Network Solutions. How is your company preparing for competition? "Just like every other [online] business, one big challenge is improving scalability and load capacity. Meeting that challenge requires heavy- duty architectural and engineering work, all in an effort to make the experience of buying domain names as smooth and intuitive as we can for our customers. By far, our biggest challenge is trying to react to changing market conditions with good quality technology. The Internet and [consumers'] expectations move at a much faster pace than actual quality products being developed by companies who must deal with everything from software development cycles to quality assurance processes. All of this is needed to provide a good customer experience, but it's also needed twice as fast as it was last year."

What other technologies might Network Solutions bring to the market? "NSI is currently pioneering several related technologies, including the release of our Dot Com directory and Dot Com business cards. We're also working to provide better search capabilities. Right now, our biggest focus is on building tools that help businesses establish and enhance their identities on the Internet."