Small Storage for Big Files


by Iomega Inc.



For Windows 95/98

Clik is a dark gray box about the size of a fat TV remote. It's also a full-bodied, 40-megabyte, removable storage device that can be very useful for moving big files and photos around.

A cousin to Iomega's Zip drives, the far smaller Clik device can serve virtually all the same needs. Not only is the device itself much smaller than a Zip drive, the storage disks are tiny, roundish things about the diameter of a silver dollar and as thin as a credit card.

With room for 40 megs on each of these little removable disks, the Clik can let you move hundreds of spreadsheets or documents or hundreds of compressed pictures between home and work with a single device.

For laptop computer users, the Clik connects through a PC card. The gadget also comes with a parallel port docking station for your desktop.

-- James Coates, Chicago Tribune

Booting Up Macs Faster

Speed Startup

by Casady & Greene

1-800-359-4920 or 831-484-9228

$19.95, available only as downloaded product.

For Macintosh

Speed Startup is a utility designed to accelerate the boot-up process of the Macintosh. It does this in two ways. One is to disable memory tests that are routinely done when you flip a machine on -- that can save about 20 seconds.

There are a few models that don't allow this shut-off, however. Check with the product's developer, Casady & Greene, for a compliance list of models.

The second timesaver is the preloading of all the initialization information needed during a start-up.

Startup's control panel has an info section that displays how much time it estimates you're actually saving.

A final feature lets you open and close any window faster by accelerating the Finder's zoom animation. This gives everything a snappier look and feel.

-- Craig Crossman, Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service