Corporate Outsiders

Business purred right along at Vastera Inc. last month after a bomb scare emptied its offices at Dulles International Airport. Employees retired to a parking lot and continued work with laptops and "companion" phones that linked wirelessly to the building's communications system.

Among the people in the lot was a job applicant, distinguishable by the fact that he was wearing a suit, said Vastera, which provides specialized software and services designed to facilitate international trade. The interview proceeded in open air.

As the search of the building continued, Vastera rented some rooms at a Marriott hotel across the street. A sales presentation that had been proceeding underneath a basketball hoop in the parking lot moved to a restaurant at the hotel. Employees moved to a ballroom.

Live From Britain

Leave it to a Washington area Internet company to import foreign politics.

TV on the Web of Reston is bringing live feeds of the British Parliament in session to the World Wide Web. People visiting its site ( can see Britain's famously combative form of democracy in action on RealPlayer feeds.

The start-up company, a partner of Ampex Corp., features 40 channels of eclectic video -- you can find material from the 50th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift alongside "chill-out" footage of Vermont in the winter. It recently tapped Tim Swift, a veteran of Merv Griffin Productions, to serve as its president and co-chief executive.