John F. Moynahan

Position: Senior vice president and chief financial officer of Xybernaut Corp. in Fairfax.

Career highlights: Moynahan has been chief financial officer or treasurer for several public companies, including Fisher Scientific, Sym-Tek Systems and most recently Precision Auto Care Inc. He is also co-inventor of several of Xybernaut's products.

Age: 41

Education: Received a bachelor of arts in economics from Colgate University and a master's of business administration in finance and accounting from New York University, and he earned his CPA from New York State.

Where is the market for wearable computing going? "In essence, what we're selling is a productivity tool. The market so far has been primarily in maintenance repair and inspection. For example, a military repairperson working on a fighter aircraft in the field can -- if he runs into a problem -- use the head-mounted display to reference a schematic, or show the manufacturer or master mechanic the problem right away. This would also allow someone with a basic skills set to work under a wider variety of situations, where a mechanic familiar with Pratt & Whitney jet engines could relatively easily transfer that knowledge to work on GE engines.... But eventually this product will evolve toward the consumer side."

Wearable computers have a ways to go in the realm of fashion and affordability. How do you plan to make this technology palatable to the average consumer? "As with most other technologies, as the cost comes down, it will open up to a wider array of uses and users. What's eventually going to happen is that the individual components will become more invisible to the outside world: The head-mounted monitor will be incorporated into a standard pair of glasses, and the main unit should shrink down to the size of a pack of cigarettes. It's interesting to note that the same things were said about Sony's Walkman -- now a product you can see people wearing almost anywhere."