A Step Up in Downloading

Download Wonder aims to cure your downloading woes, such as lost files and lost connections.

When you choose to download something from the Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Explorer browser, Download Wonder automatically takes over. Its window displays the file you are downloading. You can add your own description to the file so that later you'll know what it is instead of something cryptic such as "QX435.EXE."

You also won't get dumped because of inactivity. Download Wonder simulates activity and you stay online, including on America Online.

Perhaps Download Wonder's most impressive feature is its ability to resume downloads that are interrupted.

-- Craig Crossman, Knight-Ridder

Download Wonder

by Forty Software, L.L.C.

1-877-386-8833 or 1-516-829-7333


Version with ads is free; ad-less version costs $29.77

For Windows

Hands Free, but Thumbs Down

People such as this disabled writer (problem with right hand) always are interested in ways to use computers hands-free. L&H VoiceXpress Professional may be worth the substantial effort it demands from users. Then again, it may not.

VoiceXpress has won rave reviews elsewhere, but it performed poorly for me, repeatedly crashing my computer. Between the crashes, it was impressive, and the actual recognition accuracy of spoken text was superb.

Designed to work with the newly released Microsoft Office 2000, the software delivers nicely in smooth integration with common programs such as Word, Outlook and Excel. But its crash-prone nature made me judge it generally inferior to voice-recognition packages such as IBM's Via Voice and Dragon Systems' Naturally Speaking.

L&H executives assured me the problem was with the machine I used, but that was a mass-produced NEC 300-megahertz Pentium II, well above the minimum listed on the VoiceXpress box.

-- James Coates, Chicago Tribune

L&H VoiceXpress Professional

by Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products NV



For Windows 95, 98 and NT