Spell Catcher 8 is the long-awaited upgrade to a venerable spell-checker for Macintosh. The new version includes an online dictionary and thesaurus. If you highlight any word, you can get its definition. Selecting a word in the definition or thesaurus lets you replace the highlighted word or look up another definition until you find something that best defines your intention.

Spell Catcher 8 is multilingual, offering up to eight language spelling dictionaries (U.S. English, British English, French, Canadian French, German, Swiss, Spanish and Italian), with additional spelling dictionaries available from Casady & Greene. Other specialty resources are available for the medical, legal, scientific/technical and computer worlds.

Other Spell Catcher 8 features include Ghostwriter. This is a "last resort" function that captures your every keystroke into a file. If your computer crashes, there is a good chance that most of your current work will not be lost, since it has been saved up to the moment of the crash.

--Craig Crossman, Knight Ridder

Getting Up to Code

Area Code Fix is a program designed to attack one of the woes of contemporary life, the new area code. Every time the telephone company creates a new code because the numbers in an old one have run low, people face the major hassle of updating computer contact lists.

When you first run Area Code Fix, it compares your contact files with current area code information. If a phone number is suspected to contain a stale area code, Area Code Fix will prompt you and suggest changes.

When changes are made, the program leaves an audit trail so that any modifications can be undone. Currently, Area Code Fix examines databases created by Microsoft Outlook, ACT, Lotus Organizer, CardScan and Palm PDA.

--Craig Crossman, Knight Ridder

Spell Catcher 8

by Casady & Greene 1-800-359-4920 or 1-831-484-9228 www.casadyg.com


For Macintosh

Area Code Fix

by Corex Technologies

1-617-492-4200 www.areacodefix.com$29.99 after rebate, including one year of updates. Subsequent updates $19.99 per year. For Windows. Available by download starting Aug. 15