Position: President, global products and solutions for an as-yet-unnamed international telecommunications venture between AT&T and British Telecom (BT).

Career highlights: Currently chief operating officer for Concert Management Services Inc. of Reston, a BT division. Gofus has also served as Concert's senior vice president of marketing. Before that, she was vice president of product management for MCI Communications Inc. Prior to MCI, Gofus worked at AT&T.

Age: 45

Education: Earned a BA in political science from the College of William and Mary.

How will Concert Communications fit into this venture?

"Concert has a solid base of multinational clients for whom we provide telecommunication services. While our main focus, of course, is to deliver quality service to our key customers, we also want to expand our reach so that we're in all of the countries in which our customers want to operate. AT&T has been selling Concert services since November of last year, so we've gotten to know them pretty well and I think we're going to hit the ground running."

Against the backdrop of a failed BT/MCI partnership and an earlier AT&T exit from a international venture, how will you counter the perception of instability in global alliances?

"Both companies share a common vision and are committed to being global in scope. Each side has made an extraordinary commitment of its international assets and considerable human skills to this new venture, and . . . with the top three officers of both companies sitting on the board, they are not hedging their bets so as to have resources to fall back on. I think both [companies] know they cannot be successful in their domestic markets without a strong international presence. So they know they can't afford for this to fail."