Position: Managing editor of Federal Filings Business News, a service of Dow Jones Newswires that electronically reports corporate securities filings to specialized clients.

Career highlights: Previously assistant managing editor at Dow Jones News Service, she was also news editor and managing editor of the Asian Equities Report in its Singapore office. Before Dow Jones, she was a copy editor for the Dallas Times Herald.

Age: 37

Education: Earned a journalism degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Considering the niche-market focus of Federal Filings' content, how has your previous experience at Dow Jones prepared you for this post? "We're trying to firm up the management of the service a bit, and reorganize the way our newsroom is managed to allow our reporters to produce better stories faster. I believe my background -- especially my assignments in Asia -- is useful in helping to manage a staff of reporters and editors to produce the best work they can under trying situations. I think my past experience can contribute positively to our direction and help make a product that is more appealing to our readers."

What strategies are you pursuing to make Federal Filings more appealing? "We try to dig into filings that corporations have submitted with the SEC and break news based on what these companies have told the SEC, before the companies themselves announce the development. Currently, we've identified several niches within our audience ... risk arbitrage firms, bankruptcy-focused law firms, and investment houses. By providing the news first and exclusively, we want to make Federal Filings distinct not just within Dow Jones wires, but among all the electronic news wires."