Position: President and chief executive officer of StrategyOne, a division of Edelman Worldwide in Washington that provides research and strategic communications consulting for corporations. Lombardo is also a key player of Edelman's U.S. Corporate Reputation practice, which helps revamp corporate images and reputations.

Career highlights: Most recently, Lombardo was a partner with BSMG Worldwide and served as president and CEO of KRC Research and Consulting for three years. Before that, he was vice president at Market Strategies, a national research firm in Southfield, Mich.

Age: 39

Education: Earned a political science degree from St. Anselm in New Hampshire and a master's in public policy from St. Louis University in Missouri.

Personal: Lives in Bethesda with his wife and child; splits his time between Washington and New York.

What strengths do you bring to your new position? "The idea of blending market research into the strategic planning process of public relations. My background, experience, the combination of [working with] political and Fortune 500 companies facing image and crisis issues."

And goals? "To try to ramp up real quickly, both in terms of revenue and clients, so by the end of the fiscal year [we'll] have 20 to 30 fee and revenue clients, and revenues between $2 million and $3 million."

What is StrategyOne's strategic advantage? "From the client's perspective, we really have global reach. Through our parent organization [Edelman], we have global reachability. Edelman has offices in 26 countries throughout the globe. Slowly and surely, we start to move globally."