Position: President and chief executive officer of the National Restaurant Association in Washington.

Career highlights: Anderson has been president and chief executive officer of the American Frozen Food Institute since 1989.

Age: 46

Education: Earned a bachelor's degree in political science from Cornell College of Iowa.

Favorite restaurant: "I think I'm way too politicized to address that one, but I love Italian and am a big fan of French food."

President Clinton recently vetoed a tax bill that would have brought back the 80 percent deductibility of business meals. Does the association plan to pursue this again? "There are two key provisions in that bill that we're hoping Congress can act upon before it wraps up its session this year: We asked for a 60 percent deductibility on business meals, and I think we're going to push for restoring that number back to 80 percent. The other issue is the permanent extension of the work opportunity tax credit, which strives to help move people from welfare to work by giving restaurateurs a tax credit for providing these folks with their first work opportunities."

Your previous employer received high marks for helping charitable organizations fight hunger. Is this an issue you plan to push at the restaurant association? "Absolutely. As a matter of fact, at a meeting earlier this week, our association gave out the Restaurant Neighbor awards for all of the good work that so many restaurants do in their community. According to our research, nine out of 10 restaurants are in some way involved in community outreach."