Gilbert H. Scott Sr.

Position: Vice president of sales for Cyveillance, an Arlington-based e-business intelligence service provider that offers a way of measuring how companies are faring on the Internet.

Career highlights: Most recently Scott served as president and chief operating officer of the Bartech Group. He also is founder of Hurshell Associates. Previously, he spent 25 years at Xerox Corp., where he held several posts, including vice president of national field operations, vice president and regional manager of the West Coast region and national product marketing manager.

Age: 53

Education: Earned BA in economics at Hampton University in Hampton, Va.; completed one year of post-graduate work in economics at Howard University.

Personal: Married 30 years to Brenda. The couple live in Vienna and have two children.

After so many years at one ship, why change course? What attracted you to Cyveillance? "I wanted to test my entrepreneurial spirit and to be part of one of the newest, fastest-growing markets. I also sought the opportunity to apply my years of experience and success to the new marketplace. The attraction to Cyveillance is the exponential growth of e-commerce and the e-business marketplace itself."

How do you go about establishing strong customer relationships? "The best way is to listen deeply to the customers' concerns, then mold and shape our resources to exceed the customers' requests. Cyveillance provides not only the technology, through its NetSapien software, but also the resources, through our e-business analysts, who are chartered to meet our customers' business challenges. The winning combination is the application of our breakthrough technology with our experience in e-business intelligence."