Les M. Lichter

Position: Chief information officer of the information service division of Network Access Solutions Corp., a broad-band data company in Sterling that sells data communications and enterprise networking services.

Career highlights: Most recently, Lichter was executive vice president and chief information officer at Excel Communications Inc. in Dallas. Before that, he served as senior vice president and chief information officer at Cable & Wireless Inc. in Vienna.

Age: 53

Personal: Lives in Olney with his wife, Sheila.

How is Network Access Solutions changing the way businesses operate and communicate? "NAS is giving companies a `business-class' broad-band services solution for high-speed access to the Internet and to proprietary data communications networks. The company's services give customers a seamless, cost-effective replacement for traditional T-1 and ISDN lines, and can save them as much as 70 percent in local facilities expenses. In addition, businesses can have NAS work with them to integrate and manage their networks more efficiently and engineer them to be more secure."

How will your experience in information systems facilitate your new role? "My experience and track record within the telecommunications field will allow NAS to continue to develop, implement and maintain applications in support of a leading-edge, customer-service-oriented environment. This is a fast-paced, totally bottom-line driven and results-oriented environment."