Nancy R. Friedman

Position: President of Unisys U.S. Federal Government Group, an information technology systems integrator based in McLean.

Career highlights: Previously, Friedman was vice president of Unisys's performance solutions practice and head of the company's diversity council. Before joining Unisys, Friedman was senior vice president and general manager of Litton Industries' commercial information technology division.

Age: 50

Education: Earned a bachelor of science degree in business administration from Pacific Western University in Los Angeles.

How has Unisys handled the increased competition from up-and-coming IT system integrators in the region? "This hot tech corridor that's opened up has in many ways been spawned by the federal government, and overall I'd say it's been a positive development for us. Certainly we are competing more for human resources, given the growth of other companies in the region. But by far, the most unique thing about Unisys is that we've teamed with a lot of these same companies and become major partners with them. So it's been good for us and good for them."

You have been part of a team charged with integrating the company's sales and delivery capabilities. How will these changes spill over into your new position? "It's an exciting opportunity because I personally get to take what we learned in the go-to-market task force and work with a few of the organization's other managers and create a strategy going forward to help solve our federal customers' problems. The single biggest challenge we face is how to take the customer-end data from this exercise, match that data to the skills and capabilities of our employees, and plot a strategy that will serve us over the next several years in growing Unisys's federal systems business."