A study of three of the most wired European nations found that Germans spend the most time online and view the most content, according to a recent survey by MMXI Europe.

German Internet users spend an average of five hours a month online, compared with four hours for users in Britain and three hours for those in France.

The top sites viewed by the Europeans showed variations in preferences by nation. The study, which looked at Internet use in October, found that Yahoo was the most popular global domain in Britain, followed by Freeserve, a British Internet service provider, and then sites from the Microsoft Network.

In Germany, T-Online, the Internet service provider from Deutsche Telekom AG, was the most popular by a wide margin, with Yahoo Inc., America Online Inc. and Microsoft Corp. battling for second place. French users favored Wanadoo, from France Telcom SA, with Yahoo in second place.


MMXI Europe surveyed Internet users in three of the most wired European countries in October.

Average usage days per visitor per month

France: 8.3

Germany: 10.3

Britain: 9.4

Total unique pages viewed

France: 363,177

Germany: 1,228,050

Britain: 1,440,264

Average minutes per page

France: 1.2

Germany: 1.3

Britain: 1.4

Average minutes per day per person

France: 22.6

Germany: 28.7

Britain: 27.3

Average time spent per month per person

France: 3 hours

Germany: 5 hours

Britain: 4 hours

SOURCE: Media Metrix Inc.