Position: President and chief executive officer of Managed Object Solutions Inc., a Fairfax-based company that offers e-business management services to banks, telecommunications firms and Internet service and application service providers.

Career highlights: Previously, Giunta served as senior vice president at Computer Associates in Islandia, on Long Island. She also worked as director for output management development at Legent Corp. before it was acquired by Computer Associates in 1995.

Age: 40

Education: BA in literature and art history from De Vedruna College in Rome; diploma in French language and civilization from La Sorbonne in Paris.

Personal: Lives in Reston with husband, Dustin McNabb.

Your educational background is in the humanities. How did you get involved in the computer industry? "I think that my degree is very good for management and understanding how various factors influence growth of an institution or entity or company. When you work for training and networking and infrastructure and development and project management and marketing -- and I worked mainly for international corporations and had exposure to Europe and the U.S. -- you need to understand how the pieces of technology work together for the benefit of a business."

It's a competitive industry. How do you maintain creativity to remain cutting-edge? "We have adopted a couple of interesting philosophies that really help the working environment. One is the total flexibility time with a framework of coordination. ... The customer has people who are more motivated [instead of] just people having to fill six to seven hours a day."

Are there plans for expansion? "Yes. We've grown from eight to 26 employees today. And we plan to grow the company to $10 million next year and [have a total of] 50 to 60 employees next year. We're moving to a new location at Tysons Corner ... so we can support at least two years' growth."