Steve Case

Position: Chairman

Age: 41; born in Hawaii

Education: BA in political science from Williams College, 1980

Career highlights: Worked in the marketing department of Procter & Gamble, 1980-82; managed new pizza development for the Pizza Hut unit of PepsiCo, 1982-83; joined Control Video, a service that delivered video games to computers, 1983-85, which became Quantum Computer Services and initially offered services for now-defunct Commodore personal computers, 1985-92; Quantum became America Online -- Case became chairman in 1995.

Gerald M. Levin

Position: Chief executive

Age: 60; born in Philadelphia

Education: BA from Haverford College, Phi Beta Kappa, 1960; law degree, University of Pennsylvania, 1963

Career highlights: Lawyer with Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett in New York, 1963-67; various positions, rising to chairman, Home Box Office, a subsidiary of Time Inc., in 1976; various positions at Time Inc., which became Time Warner; has been chairman of Time Warner since 1993.

Ted Turner

Position: Vice chairman

Age: 61; born in Cincinnati

Education: Graduated from Brown University

Career highlights: Account executive, rising to president, Turner Advertising Co., 1961-70; chairman and president of Turner Broadcasting Co., 1970-96; when Turner Broadcasting merged with Time Warner in 1996, he became a vice chairman of Time Warner and oversees the cable networks division. He has been owner of the Atlanta Braves since 1976.

Richard D. Parsons

Position: Co-chief operating officer

Age: 51; born in New York

Education: University of Hawaii; law degree, Union University's Albany Law School, 1971

Career highlights: Assistant counsel to the governor of New York, 1971-74; senior White House aide under President Ford; various positions, rising to chairman and CEO of Dime Bancorp, 1988-95; president of Time Warner since 1995.

Robert W. Pittman

Position: Co-chief operating officer

Age: 46; born in Jackson, Miss.

Education: Millsaps College, 1971-72; Oakland University, 1972-73; University of Pittsburgh, 1973-74

Career highlights: Began as a disc jockey in the '70s; joined the predecessor of MTV Networks in 1979 and created MTV in 1981; president and CEO of Time Warner Enterprises, 1990-95, and also chairman and CEO of Six Flags Entertainment around that time; joined AOL Networks in 1996 and became president and chief operating officer of America Online in 1998.

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