John R. Harris

Position: President and chief executive of, a new Reston-based wireless Internet solutions company.

Career highlights: Before working with, Harris spent 24 years as an executive with Electronic Data Systems. He helped expand EDS's communications business to a $1 billion enterprise from $65 million company.

Age: 51

Education: Earned a BS in business administration and an MBA from West Georgia University.

Your company has already had success in Asian and European markets. How is the North American market different? "The short-term markets there are more mature and more ready for wireless Internet because of their single standard and their broad use of wireless technology. . . . The wireless Internet phenomenon is being driven here by the convergence in the explosive growths of wireless data, wireless handsets and use of the Internet."

How has your previous managing experience with Electronic Data Systems prepared you to lead such a young company? "I have experience in aggressively scaling a company to grow revenue and profit -- I went through three periods of high growth while at EDS. I feel like I've been preparing 24 years for the opportunity to lead this company."

How will wireless Internet change American business? "Wireless devices grant a new level of freedom. They allow for greater communication and access to priority items, and from a corporate standpoint, they extend their reach to their consumers."

What are your plans for expanding "Our target is to be a billion-dollar company. We are currently in the process of raising a second round of financing, which we plan to use to aggressively grow sales and marketing globally."