Patrick Litre

Position: Chief executive officer of James Martin & Co., a Fairfax-based management consultancy and information technology company.

Career highlights: Most recently, Litre managed the company's international operations, which have grown from $5 million to $60 million since 1994. Before that, he was chairman and chief executive of Pact Group, a Paris-based consultancy company acquired by James Martin & Co. in 1993.

Age: 37

Education: Received a BS in math and physics and an MBA from Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales in Paris.

Personal: Lives in Fairfax with his wife, Karen, and their two children.

You're working to redirect the company's focus. Why?

"The industry is shifting, and the key for companies such as ourselves is to create a unique angle and value proposition for our customers."

What are the company's goals and specific strategy with regard to digital business services?

"Our specific goals and strategies are to assist our clients to accelerate their own launch into the digital economy. . . . We've designed specific services that help them accelerate their launch. There are three aspects: identifying the opportunities that we provide through venture consulting; execute the opportunities -- build Web sites, integrate Internet front-end with their back-end systems and processes; and global deployment. We have teams and offices across the world. We've got a very comprehensive international network."