ICraveTV.com of Canada was ordered to temporarily stop sending television signals to the United States over the Internet, aborting the company's plans to broadcast this weekend's Super Bowl in the United States. The federal district court ruling follows a suit by the National Football League and National Basketball Association against iCraveTV.com, saying that its Web site, which shows 17 U.S. and Canadian TV stations for free, violates their copyrights.

The SEC told U.S. financial markets to move to decimal prices by July 3 and said they can begin by quoting stock and option prices in increments of as much as 5 cents. While decimal quotes are being phased in, the SEC order requires the markets to conduct a pilot program that would let quotes for some securities move in 1-cent increments.

A bankruptcy court has awarded $71 million to a Pikesville law firm that represented retailer Merry-Go-Round Enterprises in a lawsuit against the accounting firm Ernst & Young. The firm, Snyder, Weiner, Weltchek, Volgelstein and Brown, represented the Merry-Go-

Round trustee in a lawsuit alleging that Ernst & Young's bad advice helped bring down the now-defunct clothing chain. The fee is part of the $185 million Ernst & Young agreed to pay to settle the claim.

Dominion Resources, parent company of Virginia Power, has completed its $9 billion purchase of Consolidated Natural Gas, giving Dominion a hefty slice of the natural-gas business in the Midwest, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. The combined companies will have nearly 4 million retail customers. To win approval from Virginia regulators, Dominion agreed to sell or spin off Virginia Natural Gas.

Entevo, an Arlington database-management software company, was acquired by BindView of Houston for $125 million in stock.