In order to increase confidence and head off bugs in electronic filing, the IRS has entered into partnership agreements with several companies, and it lists them on its Web site. While the agency doesn't endorse or warrant these companies or their products or services, it has vetted them to a certain extent. A spokesman said the IRS sent each firm 50 sets of return data from which to construct and file a return. The partners got the returns correct and had no technical bugs in filing them.

* Intuit Inc. Offers Quicken TurboTax for the Web. Service is free for taxpayers filing 1040EZ and anyone with an AGI (adjusted gross income) less than $20,000; $9.95 for others to e-file and print each return.

* UDS Electrotax LLC. E-filing is $6.95 for a single return, $12.95 for its 1040Deluxe with a Maryland return.

* 2nd Story Software Inc. Uses TaxACT; prices for downloads are free for standard, $9.95 for deluxe; e-filing is $7.95 per return with free printing.

* Block Financial Corp. Does taxes online at for $9.95, which includes electronic filing; 1040EZ Online is free. Download TaxCut software for $14.95 and the first e-file is $6.95.

* H&R Block Inc. Does walk-in tax preparation and e-filing at offices nationwide; also does taxes online at for $9.95, which includes e-filing and printing of federal return; state return costs $4.95, including e-filing. 1040EZ program is free. Offers electronic refund advance for a fee.

* Jackson Hewitt. A tax service with about 3,000 offices in 45 states and the District. Offers electronic filing and refund anticipation loans.

* H.D. Vest. Prepares and e-files federal and selected state tax returns online at for free.

* Phone support is available when you do your own return with Automated e1040 for $19.95. Or use Live Preparer e1040 and the service will do your return for $49.95. File tax extension online for $19.95. Also offers free Quickie Tax Calculator.

SOURCE: Internal Revenue Service