David Rothkopf did not just start thinking about the threat of terrorism last year. A little over four years ago, he attended a conference on a possible Wall Street terrorist attack. The conference was held on the top floor of the World Trade Center, and its sponsor was Cantor Fitzgerald Securities, the bond-trading firm that lost more than 600 employees in the Sept. 11 attacks.

Soon after that conference, Rothkopf started his own company, Intellibridge Corp., to help companies and governments identify risks, including those from terrorists. Last week, the firm raised $1.85 million in venture capital.

The Washington-based company has developed software that scours the Internet for corporate, military and government clients. The information is delivered to Intellibridge analysts who compile the data and generate customer reports. The analysts, Rothkopf said, are essential to making sure the final information products are useful for customers.

"I think the most important part is the people," he said.

The company has about 140 customers, though Rothkopf, now chief executive, declined to name them. He hopes to find 200 customers by the end of the year, aided by the strong interest in security research and information after last year's terrorist attacks. He expects the company's revenue to double in 2002.

All the round's participants are prior investors, and they mutually decided to put up additional financing to help the company along, Rothkopf said. This comes after an earlier $10 million round of financing last spring and should be the last needed by the company, he said.

"We think this capitalizes us through profitability later this year," he said.

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