Detto Technologies

What: PC-to-Mac file and settings transfer tool. Details: Move2Mac aims to make it easy for new Macintosh users to import their files, preferences and even desktop wallpaper from a Windows PC. Setting up the transfer is almost as easy as setting up a Mac: Insert the Move2Mac CD-ROM in the PC, select what to transfer, insert the disc in the Mac, connect the included USB cable and off you go. You only have to tell Move2Mac what Windows applications you use and where you store your data, and it will round up all the files that match. It won't let you exclude some subfolders from transfer, however; for example, you can only bring over the entire content of Windows's My Music folder and can't omit your ex's easy-listening compilation. On the Mac end, the software puts the transferred files in the right folders and converts Outlook Express's e-mail settings and address book into a format useable in Apple's Mail program. It won't convert other files to Mac format, nor can it bring over Windows applications. It also won't move files from multiple PCs to one Mac or send them from Mac to PC. Detto includes a specially optimized USB cable that lived up to its claim of transferring 500 megabytes in 15 minutes (a Win 95-compatible, parallel-to-USB version is due later on). That's not as fast as Ethernet or FireWire connections, but those options are less common on PCs or require more complicated user configuration. This program trades speed for simplicity; it's for people who want their old files to show up on their Mac with as little effort as possible. Bottom line: Easy to use, but not everybody will want to use it. -- Michael Tedeschi

Win 98 or newer/Win 2000 or newer/Mac OS X 10.2, $60


What: Vampire-themed action-adventure. Details: This third-person-perspective game puts you in the leather boots of Agent BloodRayne, a half-human, half-vampire, half-clothed heroine out to stop the Nazis from gaining supernatural powers. Set before WWII, the game challenges you to defeat Hitler's soldiers, vampires, demons and other unpleasant creatures unleashed by the Nazis. This game, rated mature, goes for the jugular with a heavy dose of splattered blood and severed limbs. Game play is much easier than in the likes of the Tomb Raider series and offers a choice of 31 different weapons, plus the option to target two enemies simultaneously by wielding a gun in each hand. When not taking out enemies from a distance, BloodRayne can stab enemies with blades that slide out from each wrist. Since she is half-vampire, she needs blood to survive, and -- you were going to guess this -- must suck the blood of her still-breathing foes. After such a snack, your character goes into a "blood rage," which slows down time so she can obliterate all enemies on-screen in gruesome style. It's not for the easily sickened -- nor will it please many parents -- but this release from relative newcomer Majesco offers an intriguing story line, plenty of action and, rarest of all in the game business, no reliance on earlier titles to fuel its sales. Bottom line: It won't put Buffy out of action, but it makes a great rental. -- John Gaudiosi

GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, $50


What: Life-lessons learning game. Details: When the Little Raven finds Eddie Bear's tricycle, he can't resist taking it for a ride. Unfortunately, our winged friend forgot to ask Bear for permission, and when he crashes the trike into a tree, he has some explaining to do. Beautifully colored pencil drawings illustrate the story and seven games, all of which help children 3 and up learn the importance of apologizing, cooperating, sharing and being good to friends. The Little Raven is a likeable fellow who teaches through example in games that focus on problem solving, memory skills, and color, pattern and shape recognition. In the nutshell game, for instance, children must keep their eyes on the shell that a cookie has been placed under, while the cheese maze has kids use the arrow keys to help Little Raven successfully push a hunk of cheese through to the finish line. The problem, though, is that Little Raven's message is slightly too subtle for young children to grasp, while older kids will probably be bored with the simplistic games. Overall, children raised on a diet of super slick, boldly colored games will have a hard time dealing with this title's comparative lack of pizazz. Bottom line: A good concept that needs better packaging. -- Hope Katz Gibbs

Win 95 or newer/Win 2000 or newer/Mac OS 7.1 or newer, $20, ages 3 and up



What: Utility to divide Windows hard drives. Details: Most users will never even think about partitioning their PC's hard drive -- but if you have, this is the tool to get. PartitionMagic 8.0 can take a Windows disk and, without erasing it, split it into multiple segments that each boot up their own copy of Windows or Linux. A set of user-friendly menus and wizards makes this feature a bit more accessible; a boot utility then lets you select which system to run when you start the PC, a copy utility moves files and folders across partitions, and a DataKeeper backup tool can guard against mishaps. PartitionMagic 8.0's most useful feature, though, remains its ability to convert disks locked into the NTFS format of Windows NT, 2000 and XP to the FAT or FAT32 formats earlier versions of Windows need, or the Ext2 and Ext3 file systems of Linux. You can use this to downgrade from XP to Win 98 or to keep XP while adding partitions for Linux and Win 95- or DOS-vintage software. Bottom line: A cheap but complex way to lend new life to an aging PC.

-- Rebecca Rohan

Win 95 or newer/Win NT 4 or newer, $70

Move2Mac trades speed for simplicity.BloodRayne serves up plenty of gore with some originality.Tivola's Tricycle Story: This trike doesn't suit all tykes.