Winbourne & Costas Inc. plans to hire about 28 to 30 people in the next three to six months. Jim Costas, chief operating officer, and Jeff Winbourne, president, talked with The Post's Kate Wichmann.

Q What does your company do?

A We design and implement command emergency management and public safety centers for federal, state and local governments. For example, we manage D.C.'s 911 and 311 systems and do work on homeland security as well as work holistically with governments on things like financial problems and Medicaid.

What would employees of your company say were the best reasons for working there?

We hire senior people and empower them to own their jobs and run their own business. To most people "evacuation plan," "antiterrorism" and "homeland security" are catchphrases; to us this is real life.

What skills or traits in an employee do you think contribute to your work environment?

We hire self-starters, people who are able to manage themselves and work independently. Of course we want people with the technical experience in the areas that will benefit our clients. We need excellent writers and team players who work well together.

Who owns your company?

We own the company. Jim Costas is retired Army after 20 years of working in such things as systems, acquisitions and divisional command elements. Jeff Winbourne has 15 years experience as a management consultant and 20 years experience in consulting government in health and human services.

What sense of stability can your company offer job candidates?

We're hiring and have continued to grow at an incredible rate for the past two years. Growth is a component of stability. Although we're growing fast, we're not growing too fast. We work hard to make sure the growth we currently have is sustainable.

What are the demographics of your company?

We're 60 percent female and 70 percent minority. Our executive team is five people with one woman and two minorities. Our average age is late thirties to 40.

What positions do you have available and what level of expertise do you want?

Eight system and software engineers (mid- and senior-level, minimum of three years' experience), two technical writers (four years), four business process reengineering consultants (three to five-plus years), four knowledge management specialists (three to five-plus years), two to four telecommunications specialists (three-plus years), two call center operations consultants (three to five years), four security technology specialists (three to five years) and two emergency 911 communications specialists (five years).

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