Position: President and vice chair, White & Baldacci, formerly E. James White Communications.

Career highlights: President of business operations and chief marketing officer, Washington Redskins; senior vice president, Snyder Communications; director of corporate marketing, Time Inc. Magazines

Age: 42

Education: BA, political science and English literature, Hartwick College

Personal: Lives in Potomac with wife, Lisa, and their children, Stefan, 10, Yale, 7, and Jocquin, 7 months.

Why the move? Well, I'm an entrepreneur. And I'm a marketer. And both matter. I believe that companies that are marketing are continuing to face challenges every day because the level of competition increases. And our clients need to respond to these changing market conditions with inspiring solutions designed to grow their growth patterns. These solutions must demonstrate real return on investment. White & Baldacci is a company that has evolved over the last few years by broadening its range of services and increasing its ability to work in a sophisticated and consultative manner. So, as we focus on dynamic categories, -- like technology, travel and tourism, like entertainment, health care, pharmaceuticals, retail -- we really believe we are ideally positioned to be unique for our clients.

You referred to a changing media climate. Please explain. It's changed on a lot of fronts. The dynamics of the media marketplace for a number of years has become more fractionalized -- cable, satellite TV, and more and more entertainment options for consumers. And then you have competition that gets stiffer and stiffer, so traditional solutions need to be enhanced with inspiring ideas that break through all these challenges in the marketplace. So, ultimately our focus in the business is the evolving market dynamic that our clients are faced with, and our unique ability is to operate in a successful fashion for our clients in this environment.

What does the firm hope to accomplish? Our goals are to establish White & Baldacci as one of the country's preeminent advertising and marketing solutions business. What I mean by that is when people are looking for inspiration in their market and they are looking for results, our hope is that their first thoughts would be to call us.

So, what sets you apart from other firms? Every approach we have is a new approach. In other words, you can't take Company B in market one and expect that Company B in market two is going to have the same results. We have a fresh approach. Every time we engage a conversation with our client we start with fresh ideas and fresh thinking. And we rely on very deep range of experiences and capabilities within the company. The key thing about our business is the depth of experience within the 52 employees, from the executive team to the management team, and even our young people we recruit have range of background, range of services and experiences that the company brings to bear.

-- Judith Mbuya