Position: Chief executive of Enumerate of McLean, which helps companies provide graphic displays of financial data online.

Career highlights: Chief financial officer, Enumerate; executive vice president, Sallie Mae.

Age: 44

Education: BA, finance and economics, Catholic University; MBA, finance, University of Maryland.

Personal: Lives in Sandy Spring with wife, Lori, and their children, Devin, 17, and Ryan, 15.

What will be the major difference in responsibilities now? I'm directly responsible for the technology development. Even before the change I was responsible for marketing, sales and finance. I ran everything but the technology side. It hasn't been that different. We've put together a very clear and focused business plan that ties technology and the business strategy together.

And what about plans for growth? We have focused on providing the technology to help people. Our technology allows companies to present financial data that allows investors and other stakeholders to analyze the companies' performance.

What's unique about Enumerate? Our technology is really what is unique about us. We have the best tool to make a lot of data and performance data easily accessible and analyzable by the user. We're focusing on helping companies report to their investors and one of the issues of transparency post-Enron is not just providing more data, but in a format that is understandable and logical and makes sense, and presents clearly a company's performance.

What are the strengths and challenges of leading a smaller company? The strength is that every day you're in direct personal contact with everyone in the company. We're small with a goal of becoming quite big and the idea, the challenge of taking something that is really small to grow to something that is quite significant is a positive challenge.

-- Judith Mbuya