Position: Chief financial officer, LCC International Inc.

Career highlights: Chief financial officer, Dorsal Networks and vice president, Corvis Corp., which acquired Dorsal Networks; founding member and chief financial officer, Iconixx Corp.; chief financial officer, International Wire Line Group, Bell Atlantic Corp., now Verizon Communications

Age: 53

Education: Fellow, Institute of Chartered Accountants, London; MBA, Cranfield School of Management, England.

Personal: Lives in Oakhill, Va., with wife, Marianne, and sons Christian, 16, and David, 12.

You have substantial experience in the industry. How do you plan to leverage that? Well, I think it's part of the reason for me coming to LCC. I certainly believe that the wireless area still provides some very good opportunities for some growth. So, as far as leverage, it's more a matter of leveraging the international telecom experience. I bring to this 30 years of international finance and in telecom, 18 to 20 years. So, I think the combination is really very important for us. A large part of our growth is going to come from international work. Sixty percent is generated from outside the United States. So, having the kind of international management experience I have is going to be very important.

What attracted you to LCC? Positioning the company in the wireless arena. There is a lot of growth still in the wireless sector. And we're positioned on the edge of some good opportunity. I like smaller companies, and LCC is a nice size for me. It's a small management team. Small enough to really get your arms around it and make a contribution. It was a very compelling opportunity for me.

What's the overall strategy for leading the company? There are a couple of things that I can focus on. Cash management is always an issue. Managing and making the best use of our cash resource is always a priority. The next thing is the return of this company to profitability, clearly a strong objective as we look ahead. Also, my strong and active support to the CEO in assuring our rapid return to profitability. I really do think we're poised for some growth. I think LCC is positioned particularly well at the moment. Managing growth is always a particular challenge.

-- Judith Mbuya