Position: Vice president, administration, Discovery Communications Inc., a cable television programmer. Richey is responsible for strategic planning of real estate and internal space needs; facility services.

Career highlights: Senior manager of real estate operations, Cisco Systems Inc.; director of real estate, SAIC; building operations manager, Rouse Co.

Age: 44

Education: BBA, University of Houston.

Personal: Lives in Washington with his wife, Maria, and children, Isabella, 3, and Sam, 2 months.

What prompted Discovery to move its headquarters from Bethesda to Silver Spring? I'm new, but my understanding is that we were looking for a new headquarters location that would consolidate the five different locations we were previously occupying. Silver Spring is a wonderful community with lots of fantastic people, and this was an opportunity for Discovery to be a part of the revitalization of Silver Spring.

How has your past experience prepared you for your current position? I think my past jobs have been subsets of what I do now. It's been great to have that learning experience with Cisco, SAIC and the Rouse Company. The strategic planning that I've done in the past for real estate and internal space needs at both Cisco and SAIC and the facility services experience at the Rouse Company are particularly helpful in being able to service my clients, the employees of Discovery.

What are your strategic goals? Right now the immediate goal is to successfully move 1,500 very excited people to Silver Spring. It's going very well, and we're having a lot of fun. We've been very busy, but we've already moved some of folks in and are in the process of moving the rest of them in. Our employees are all very excited about being here. In the long term, the goals are to continue to service the employees and strive to make the service side of the administration group a better one, while providing the employees with a better workplace in which to work and live.

-- Andrea Caumont