Vocus plans to hire about 10 to 15 people now. Rick Rudman, chief executive, talked with The Post's Andrea Caumont.

QWhat does your company do?

AWe provide Web-based software that helps organizations run their public relations and government relations offices. Our software helps people build relationships with the press, the public, legislators and government officials, and manage their communications with those offices. For instance, we maintain a database of half-a-million reporters and elected officials around the world. People use our software to find the right people to contact. We also make software to help people monitor what's being said about their company. We help keep a company's press materials in one central place online. We also extend into the government relations side where we help large companies and associations build grassroots advocacy groups and do calls to action. It's a pretty broad product suite. Just like companies have come to automate the human resources, accounting or sales departments, Vocus has automated the public relations and government affairs offices.

What do you think your employees would say were the best reasons for working at your company?

One of the things I hear a lot is people enjoy that we've combined a high-growth software company with a company that's been consistent and stable in its growth. We're on the leading edge of technology, growing 30 to 40 percent a year, and we just finished our 19th consecutive quarter of growth.

Who owns your company?

All of our employees get stock in the company, so technically it's owned by over a hundred shareholders and additional investors. In terms of percentages, the larger shareholders are our outside investors, including Lazard Technology Partners, Edison Venture Fund and Sterling Venture Fund.

What sense of stability can your company offer job candidates?

We've been around for 14 years and we've had 14 consecutive years of growth. We've never had a down year. Every quarter of the last 19 have been growth quarters. The flip side is we're moving pretty fast, trying to grow, and so we have high expectations and there's a big responsibility for the employees to do their best. About 15 percent of our employees have been with us for five years or more. Considering we've hired most of our employees in the last five years, that's a big statistic for us.

What are the demographics of your company?

Company-wide we are one- third female and 15 percent minority. Within the seven-person executive management team there are no females or minorities.

What positions do you have available and what level of expertise do you want?

Over the course of this year we'll hire 30 people. Immediately, we have 10 to 15 positions available. In general, all the people we hire are experienced. We don't do a lot of hiring out of college. Three to five years of experience is typically what we're looking for. In new sales, we have two categories: inside and outside sales. We're looking for five people in inside sales, three in outside sales and one sales director. Applicants should have at least three years of related software sales experience. We also have open positions on our account management team, who work with existing clients, and who are responsible for account renewals and educating our clients about new products we have available. We're also looking for two professional services people, on the client implementation side. They get clients up and running and trained. Applicants should have a background in software implementation, training and ongoing customer support. We also need product development programmers, who program and write our products. Applicants specializing in Microsoft technologies with a background in on-demand or hosted software would be ideal. We're also looking for a senior corporate counsel with six to nine years of experience in a high-tech environment, with extensive experience in drafting and negotiating a wide range of contracts, including software licensing, distribution, development, professional services and support agreements.