Address: 555 12th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20004

Phone: 202-879-5600

Web site:

Industry: Professional services

Number of Employees: 120,000 worldwide; 30,000 in the United States

How to submit your resume: Via e-mail to

Benefits, compensation and perks: The company pays 70 percent of employee and dependent medical and dental benefits effective the first of the month after the date of hire. It provides all eligible employees and dependents with the EyeMed Vision Care program at no charge. Domestic partner benefits are available. Maternity and paternity leave is paid at 100 percent for two weeks; new mothers may also qualify for short-term disability and unpaid leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act. There are seven paid holidays. The number of days of personal time off, including vacation and sick leave, vary based on position and seniority. Employees may contribute up to 60 percent of pay to a 401(k) plan; the firm matches 10 percent for every $1 contribution, up to 6 percent for employees with at least one year of service at the end of the plan year. Deloitte also provides a noncontributory defined benefit pension plan; employees vest after five years of continuous service. Flexible spending accounts are available: $5,000 for health care and $5,000 for dependent care. The company has offices in Washington, Tysons Corner and Reston. Free parking is available on site at the three locations.

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