Edited questions from Apartment Life, Sara Gebhardt's online discussion about rental issues.

QFalls Church: Should you take laundry out of the dryer that has been in there too long?

I think it's completely appropriate, but my complex recently put up a sign asking people not to do it.

ASome people are absolutely uncomfortable with other people touching their slinky undies, or any of their clothes for that matter.

And others, as you've mentioned, just want to use the dryer and don't want to wait for a neighbor who forgot about the cycle to finally remember.

I'd say people should be on top of their laundry cycle. And if not, there should be a grace period designated -- perhaps five to 10 minutes -- before others remove their clothing.

Silver Spring: Re: Abandoned laundry. 10 minutes. The laundry should be put where it will stay clean (not on the floor).

I would add that you should leave your laundry basket by the machine if you leave the laundry room, but maybe that's a bit much.

Now that TV sweeps are over, there may be fewer abandoned dryers in apartmentland.

Good point. Laundry need not be thrown on the floor, regardless of how careless its owner has been in not collecting it.

Re: Laundry: Absolutely, take the laundry out of the dryer and put it on top of the dryer so you can use the dryer yourself. It is inconsiderate of people to leave their dry clothes in the dryer for indefinite periods of time. And realistically, don't we all know we are risking someone removing our clothes from the dryer if we leave them there unattended?

Realistically, yes, it is a risk many apartment-dwellers take, but that doesn't mean they don't get annoyed by it. Blame it on human nature.

Not all dryers are stand-alone objects, so just be sure not to put the laundry in a dirty place, like the floor.

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