Comdex, once the biggest U.S. technology trade show, won't be presented this year, organizer MediaLive International Inc. said.

"Though we believe Comdex would have been profitable, we decided to postpone it because it didn't benefit the IT industry," Eric Faurot, vice president and general manager for Comdex, said in an interview.

Comdex 2004, originally scheduled for Nov. 14 in Las Vegas, was put off. It was rescheduled for Nov. 13-17, 2005, MediaLive said.

With thousands of new or improved products on display -- including home networking gear and face-recognition software -- the annual trade show in Las Vegas became the best-known technology trade show.

But after 2000, slumping product sales drove down attendance. Last year, Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates's opening night speech was moved to a 7,000-seat theater from a facility more than double the size that was used in previous years.

Gates's speech has become one of the show's hallmarks. He has given one every year since 1983, when his father ran the slide projector. Last year's included his annual comedy video, featuring a spoof of the Matrix movie series. Chief executive Steve Ballmer played Microsoft's version of the movie's character chosen to save the human race and Gates was the guru who trains him.

MediaLive has established an advisory board for next year's event.