The Federal Contracts column in the June 28 Washington Business section incorrectly said that Anteon International Corp. has 900 employees. Anteon employs more than 8,200. (Published 6/29/04)

Anteon International Corp. of Fairfax won a five-year, $15.5 million contract from the Army Medical Command to support the National Vaccine Healthcare Center network.

The network includes regional Defense Department vaccine health care centers. It works with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to provide information about vaccines and vaccine safety to department health care providers, service members and their families.

Anteon will create a registry to keep track of the vaccines people have received, including inoculation dates, locations and results, said Wendell Stepp, Anteon's vice president for science and technology. This registry will help in reporting adverse reactions to vaccines.

"When an individual has an adverse reaction, there are procedures that have to be followed," he said.

Anteon also will provide program development and management, health education, and coordination of administrative services.

Immunization safety has become more important because of the increased threat of attacks involving chemical and biological weapons, said Joseph M. Kampf, Anteon's president and chief executive. The network can help by updating the status of vaccines for diseases such as smallpox and anthrax. Vaccinations for both diseases are now mandated for the military.

Last year Anteon generated more than $40 million in revenue from work in federal health care, Stepp said. The company, which has 900 employees, had more than $1 billion in revenue.

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