Position: President, defense sector, PEC Solutions Inc., a Fairfax provider of information technology services to federal, state and local civilian agencies.

Career highlights: Executive vice president, business development, Affiliated Computer Services; president, commercial solutions, Computer Data Systems Inc.; president, integrated business solutions, Lockheed Martin; and director, business development, Defense Information Systems Agency; director, computer services, U.S. Army, Fort Hood, Tex.

Age: 64

Education: BS, computer science, American Technological University; certificate program, Defense Systems Management College.

Personal: Lives with wife, Carol, in Shippensburg, Pa., but plans to move to Fairfax.

How did you get to where you are today?

A little bit of luck, good instinct and being at the right place at the right time -- and never turning down a challenge. I was very attracted to the computer field, really, right out of high school. I always saw the government as a chance to do something to help the country.

Probably because of my work ethic and never turning down a challenge, I gained a reputation of being able to make things happen. Along with that, I would say the biggest reason was being able to build a very solid team of exceptional people, which in turn made the organization successful and helped me in my career . . .

I had to ensure, wherever I was, that everyone shared the same vision and values and had a similar work ethic.

I have a very high work ethic and that's the direct result of coming out of a blue-collar coal mining town. Work ethics in those towns were phenomenal.

My biggest break was being given an opportunity to go after and win a large, $100 million-a-year government contract at Lockheed Martin. It propelled my advancement. It made people more aware of my management skills and that helped me be promoted to vice president of information technology.

I've been fortunate enough to have two very good mentors during my career.

One was Joseph Kremonas, who was a corporate vice president of Lockheed Martin. I literally had spent 30 years in the federal government and went in the private sector. He spent a considerable amount of time guiding me through the intricacies of private industry and the corporate world.

Peter Bracken was group president of information technology at Lockheed Martin. He did much the same thing.

The thing that motivates me the most is to succeed at building an organization that provides outstanding services to the federal government.

If we can do that, I feel like we've made a small dent in helping the government, especially in this point in history -- since 9/11 and all the things going on in the world around us.

-- Judith Mbuya