* L-3 Communications Holdings, a New York-based defense electronics company, won a three-year contract worth up to $108 million to provide technical support for the government's U.S.-Visit program, which tracks foreign visitors to the United States. The program includes monitoring equipment at airports and border crossings to digitally fingerprint visitors when they arrive and leave. L-3's government services division, based in Chantilly, will provide technology support for the biometric workstations.

* SRA International, a Fairfax provider of information technology services, won a five-year contract worth up to $22.5 million from the General Services Administration to develop and maintain an integrated Force Management System for the U.S. Army. SRA will integrate four existing systems and implement improved business processes to create a single system to manage Army forces.

* United Therapeutics, a Silver Spring biotechnology company, plans to build a laboratory adjacent to its headquarters to support its Remodulin and OvaRex therapies. The company purchased the land for $2.9 million and entered into an agreement with Wachovia Development to build the lab. Wachovia will provide up to $32 million for construction and will lease the building to United Therapeutics. Construction will begin this month and is to be complete late next year.

Compiled from reports by Washington Post staff writers and Bloomberg News.